Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Groups of 6+ 
  • Balls
  • Sausages/Bags
  • Cones 

Players line up opposite the trinagle of cones set up on the floor with ball in hand. 

Player runs at the black cone, as the player runs the coach shouts either yellow or red (cones). 

The player with ball then reactes to the colour called and steps to attack that cone. 

When reached trhe cone the player must perform a pass back the direction they came to player waiting to recieve. 

Coaching points

  • Use footwork (not balanced) - get square again and get rid of ball before reaching the second defender (bag) 
  • The temptation is to fall off pass - focus is to step then square up hips to get the pass away. 
  • Follow the pass, finish on the indide of sausage or bag to block them drifitng across to next attacker. 

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