Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Set up a grid of about 10 x 10
  • Aim to have 12 attackers and 2 defenders
  • 3 attackers spread out on each side of the square. One player starts with the ball and runs towards the first defender, before passing off to a supporting attacker, who runs towards the next defender and passes off to the other attacker in the three
  • The ball is popped off to the end attacking player on the opposite side of the square
  • The same play happens with three new attackers and same two defenders
  • The ball is then popped off to the side, and play continues until all four groups of attackers have run through twice.
  • Then switch defenders.

Coaching points

  • Attackers should draw the defenders before passing to the supporting players
  • Pass late to ensure the defender is fixed up and is out of the phase in a match situation
  • Focus on pass accuracy and weight, to help out teammates receiving the ball.

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