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Dominant circle play Session Thumbnail
Dominant circle play

Get your team to dominate in the circle with this attacking session, helping them to maximise and score their chances on goal

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Three players perform this drill with two balls.

Two players stand by the post with a ball each, while the third player is stood outside of the circle.

Player one shoots and then collects the ball, before player two passes the ball to the players who is outside of the circle, who then returns the ball to player two outside of the circle.

Player three then moves in towards the post to receive the final pass in the sequence, and shoots before collecting the ball.

Player one in the mean time, starts the same pass sequence with player two, who is now the new player outside the circle, and the drill continues in this fashion.

Coaching points

It will help if the players doing the passing sequence count "1-2-3-shoot" out loud with each pass.

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