Hockey Drill Demonstration


Two defenders sit inside the defensive 23m.

3 attackers start from just inside the halfway.

Normal gameplay, but the 3 attackers have to get the ball through one of two gates (green cones) before they can score. The ball can either be passed through the cones, or an attacker can dribble it through.

The ball can travel forwards or backwards through the gate, i.e. you don't need to focus on getting the ball through right away.

Defenders are not allowed to stand in the gates and guard them.

If a goal is scored before the ball goes through one of the gates, it does not count.

Rotate the 2 defenders out with 2 new players after 5 plays.

Coaching points

  • The attackers are likely to become fixated on trying to get the ball through the gate first. Encourage normal gameplay.
  • Communication between the attackers and the goal-keeper is important.
  • Attackers need to move off the ball well to be effective

Created by , Hockey Player, New Zealand

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