Hockey Drill Demonstration


The idea here is to learn how to receive a ball and shoot with 2-3 touches, then progressing to include a dribble/pass, and some pressure to shoot as quickly as possible. You can practice this from both left and right side. To make it more fun for juniors, players in line can count how long it takes to get the 'hot potato' back to the oven, and see who gets the best score!


1) Blue Receive the pass from red and quickly shoots at goal.

2) Red dribbles down the sideline, turns 90 degrees before passing.

3) Same as 2 but with player who passes trying to then sprint and reach the box before the blue player can shoot. 

Coaching points

Look up and pass accurately and hard (step>drag>push). Flat stick to receive.

For beginners: position the ball in front of you/towards the goal before shooting.

For intermediate: try to use first touch to position the ball, or even shoot on the first touch using a sweep!

Created by Stew, Hockey Coach, Singapore

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