Hockey Drill Demonstration


Two teams of 3, 4 or 5 play against each other within the area shown (limited by end-lines and sidelines); player with the ball can't move; and the defending team can't tackle the ball from opponent, can only intercept a pass; when a player has the ball, defender must be at least 1m away from player with ball; score 1 pt in closest goal, 2 pts in next furthest, 3pts in furthest; later, could add rule that can only mark one opposing player

Coaching points

1. movement should be over a sizeable (enough to draw the defender out of a space) distance and at pace to shake defender

2. player with ball has as much responsibility as player making the move to insure the ball gets there

3. if introduce marking rule, always keeping an eye on opposite number and stay goal-side (explain if necessary)

Created by Anthony, Hockey Coach, England

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