Hockey Drill Demonstration


Group of players is divided into 2 equal teams (e.g. 6v6)

Within each team, the players are numbered (e.g. 1 to 6)

Each team will pass and move inside their zone, until a number is called.

The player whose number is called will cross the divide and try and steal the opposition ball. (e.g. 5 v 1). 

The player who steals the ball first wins a point for his/her team. 

If some time has passed and neither player sent across has won the ball, then a second number wil be called (therefore, e.g. 4v2). 

Coaching points

The aim of the game is to practice moving with the ball, shifting the ball to the easiest possible pass, keeping eyes up and ball on stick while dribbling. 


Moving off the ball into space is key for this drill.

Created by Gavin, Hockey Coach, South Africa

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