Basketball Drill Demonstration


Split the group into 2 groups. Each group will create 2 lines (one with a ball one without).  at opposite ends in opposite corners of the court.  one group will do chest passes while shuffling down the court.  The other group will do 1 on 1 where player with the ball will be encouraged to weave down the court and the defender will be encouraged to shuffle down the court keeping the player with the ball in front of them.

Coaching points


- dont cross your legs while shuffling

- knees bent 

- give your team mate a target (chest)

- make strong passes, finish with thumbs pointing down


1 on 1

Defender to play passive and concentrate on shuffles and keeping the attacking player in front of them

Attacker to weave (zig-zag)down the court

switch hands dribbling down the court 

opposite arm up to defend the ball

Created by Rob, Basketball Coach, Canada

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