Basketball Drill Demonstration


all team members must line up on the baseline as they wait for the coaches instructions .

all players are too sprint to the first blue line of markers and jog backwards . 

first - high knees to the blue line and jog back wards .using (75%) pace 

second- side steps facing left side of the court then change sides once you have gone back to the baseline 

third line - using 100% pace, sprint all the to the green markers and jog back for recovery . 

throughout the second print , players must keep an eye out for any ball , they are to catch it and pass it back to the thrower.

this warm has to be done 4 times in order for the players to get there blood pumping . 


you are to call out any movable streches when the players get back to the base line . for example . 


then made them get into pairs do sit ups. 12x3

then streched the lower body 

Coaching points

Eyes Out 

keep hands on a 90 dgree angle to run faster and be prepared to catch the ball.

for high knees , ensure that your legs touch your hands when lifting it .put your hands out so you can know that your doing it properly .

Created by poline, Basketball Other, Australia

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