Basketball Drill Demonstration


1. Line your players up at the free throw line in single file. Give the first two players in the line a basketball.
2. On your whistle, the first player in line will shoot a free throw. If they make it, they will retrieve the ball and pass it to the next person in line without a basketball. If they miss, they must retrieve the ball and make a lay-up or standing shot.
3. The next player in line is allowed to shoot a free throw as soon as the previous player’s ball hits the rim or goes through the net. If the previous player misses, the next player is attempting to make a free throw (or rebound shot) before that player makes their rebound shot.
4. If the second player makes their shot before rebound shot is made the previous player has to sit out for the rest of the drill.
5. This process continues until only one player remains.

Created by carmelita, Basketball Coach, New Zealand

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