Basketball Drill Demonstration


For this drill, Three players will start off at the green cones. The person at the cone in the middle will start to dribble up the centre of the court, The other two player on the left and thr right will dribble up round the blue cones, When the three players are near the basket, The player in the middle with the ball will pass off to whatever team mate of his choosing. If he passes off to his team mate on the right he will drive up for a lay-up and try and get the ball through into the hoop.

Coaching points

  • Everyone will start off at the triple threat position.
  • On your toes.
  • Looking for space.
  • Waiting for the pass.
  • Make sure to do the movement with your feet, whether that is left,right and up or Right left and up.
  • Hit the ball of the back board.

Created by Connor, Basketball Coach, Scotland

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