Basketball Drill Demonstration


Players get into groups of 3 and then perform a series of passing while on the move. The starting player (Player 1) passes to player on the right (Player 2). Player 1 then runs behind player 2 while at the same time player 2 passes to 3. Player 3 then passes to player 1 and it begins again. Essentially when a player makes a pass they follow it and go behind the player they passed it to waiting to receive another pass

Coaching points

  • Keep eyes on passer when completing the pass

  • Make sure fingers are spread over the ball to generate more power

  • Extend arms fully and towards your partner allowing to gain more distance

  • Flick the wrists when completing the pass and thumbs should be pointing downwards

  • For bounce pass look to aim pass around 2/3 away from your partner when passing and complete same arm extension as the chest pass

Created by Michael, Basketball Coach, England

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