Basketball Drill Demonstration


Students will line up against the wall. They will be given instructions and a starting point while they are lined up inside the gym.

The students will be working on Cardio to tie in to our theme, FINISH WITH HEART. Students will be divided into partners to go to the different stations where the teachers will be demonstrating the activity they will be working on.

Silva- students will doing a yoga pose, "Under the Fence" 10x

Gutierrez- Students will be doing Leg Lifts 10x each

Boland- Students will be paired up and Wheel Barrel 3x half way and back

Koba&Miranda- Students will be working on their breathing while they punch the Punching Bags

Jimenez- Students will be running through the Tires 3xs

Tarango- Students will do Lunges with the Medicine Ball while twisting half the court and back 3x

If students finish their station early they will do jumping jacks or squats until all members are ready to move to the next station to keep their heart rate up.

Created by Yvonne, Basketball Teacher, United States of America

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