Basketball Drill Demonstration


on the sides we have the tow coaches , passing the balls 

this drill is made to work on defending the opposition and breaking out .


the first coach on the right will start off with the ball and they will pass it to the blue player when they breakout . once the blue player has received the ball ,they must pass it to the blue player without getting intercepted by the opposition . 


this game is a one on one drill , the middle player is to wait for the right player to recive the ball , so they can pass it to them . they then continue on getting five touches . once completed the middle player then plays it with the left player .

Coaching points

using your legs and arms , try to pivit will trying to breakout. 

use your arms to give signs for the player with the ball to pass it to the direction you pointed at. 

Created by poline, Basketball Other, Australia

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