Basketball Drill Demonstration


Players to be spaced out evenly around the three-point line. Coach will start with a ball near the baseline on one side of the backboard. The drill begins with coach passing to any of the players on the three-point line. Whoever catches it immediately drives toward the hoop as if for a lay-in.

The driver then passes to any of the players on the three-point line. In this example, the baseline player on the same side of the ball (Player 5) fills the vacated spot on the wing. The passer fills the empty spot on the baseline.

The player who caught the ball (Player 4) drives to the basket.The driver then passes the ball to another player on the perimeter.

This action continues until Coach shouts "Shoot" to signal the driver to continue in for a lay-up instead of passing.

Created by Cathryn, Basketball Coach, England

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