Basketball Drill Demonstration


Coach (A) points in the direction that the player BLUE is to dribble

BLUE must dribble at least as wide as the cone in that direction before performing a cross over and cutting back towards opposite cone (shaking the defender)

Upon gaining advantage on the defender BLUE passes to the high wing (GREY) and cuts hard to the basket all while on the move

BLUE looks to get the pass right back and then drive hard at the low defender (A), who is posted low in the key to force a pass to the wing (YELLOW or RED)

BLUE clears to the opposite low wing from the direction of his original pass and fills there while pushing RED up to the high wing on that same side

Shooter (YELLOW) follows his own shot and passes the ball to the opposite side high wing (GREY on the left side in the drawing) before clearing to the high wing on his side of the court, pushing the player at that position to the low wing.

Coaching points

To shake a defender the player with the ball MUST move far enough with the ball to force the defender to move his feet.

Once defender is moving cut hard in opposite direction to gain an advantage in order to pass and cut hard into the key.

Upon being stopped the ball must go to the open wing (A will force the pass one way or the other and BLUE must make the correct choice and find the open man who is cutting in as the safety valve)

Created by Vava, Basketball Coach, Canada

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