Basketball Drill Demonstration


Drive to the Right side shown

BLUE must dribble at least as wide as the Left High cone before performing a cross over and cutting back towards opposite cone (shaking the defender)

While dribbling toward the right high cone BLUE passes on the move to Red and in the same motion cuts hard to the basket entering the ket at the elbow (high)

Red squares to the basket (catching while landing on two feet and performing a proper inside foot pivot) and leads Blue to the basket with a pass

Red follows for the rebound and fills at the back of the drbbling line

Blue clears to fill at the Right High Cone

Drill continues...


LOAD: Add defender (rebounder becomes defender in the rotation before filling in the dribbling line - obviously passes the ball to next teammate in line without one before playing defense)

Coaching points

To shake a defender the player with the ball MUST move far enough with the ball to force the defender to move his feet.

Once defender is moving cut hard in opposite direction to gain an advantage in order to cut into the key.

Created by Vava, Basketball Coach, Canada

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