Basketball Drill Demonstration


Stand the children in height order and split into 2 teams- 1,2,1,2. Give bibs out. Ask if any children have heard of this cat and mouse game and if so ask them to explain? Explain that this game is get the children warmed up by using running and dribbling skills. Set out 2 cones 20 feet apart opposite each other and explain that the idea of the game is for them to catch the other team! Teams start opposite each other and dribble the ball round the cones, and back to thier team, when they get back they pass the ball to the next player. When one team has caught up the other team then they are the winners! Demonstrate and check understanding. First time is to go anti clockwise using right hand and second is to go clockwise using left hand. This progresses the activity and also gives both teams a chance to win.

Created by Joe, Basketball Coach, England

1705-1710 Warm up Game/ dribbling practice - Cat and MouseDribblingBasketball Drills Coaching

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