Rugby Drill Demonstration


Phase 1:

4 players line up behind a cone each.

Short run and quick hands to the end. 

Last pass goes to the coach. 


Phase 2:

They run around the corner and the 1st player receives the ball back frmo the coach. 

Ball carrier takes a few steps, places the ball, takes a few more steps and turns to defend. 

The next player picks up and attacks the defender, with 2 passing options (3 v 1). 


Phase 3: 

Once they are through phase 2, the player carrying the ball repeats the process from phase 2. 

Coaching points

Phase 1: 

Emphasis on run-catch-pass. 

All about quick hands. 


Phase 2 & 3: 

Draw and pass. 

Pace always assists an attack. 

Ball carrier to fix the defender before passing. 

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