Rugby Drill Demonstration


  1. 6 players per group, 5 players with ball.
  2. 5 players with ball stand in semi-circle (approx 5yd diameter).
  3. Other player (catcher) stands in center of circle with back to other players.
  4. 5 players decide between them (silently) who will make pass to player in center.
  5. Coach blows whistle, catcher makes 180 jump to face other players.
  6. All players with ball, except one, dummy pass to catcher, other player actually passes.
  7. Player in center must react and catch pass.
  8. 3x to 5x for each player and rotate.

Coaching points

  • Catcher to use observation skills to anticipate where pass is coming from.
  • Hands up in W ready for ball.
  • Adjust positioning to catch pass cleanly.

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