Rugby Drill Demonstration


SETUP • Cones are setup in a 10m x 10m square
• Balls ‘eggs’ are in the middle of the square at the far end
• One athlete is in the middle as and will be the Crocodile
• Other athletes start at one end facing the Crocodile ACTION
• When the coach says go the athletes attempt to steal an egg and get it back to their safe zone.
• If the Crocodile touches an athlete attempting to steal the egg they need to return to their zone before making another attempt.
• If the Crocodile catches an athlete with an egg they must hand it back and return to their safe zone, the Crocodile can return the egg to their nest
• Increase and decrease the number of athletes
• Increase and decrease the distance
• Athletes can be stationed at more ends i.e. one/two/three or all four sides of the square.
• Once an athlete is caught they must remain in the safe zone

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