Rugby Drill Demonstration


  1. Hold on! - Running back Core - 3 sets of 3
  2. Spinning Wheel- RB Core 3 sets of 3
  3. Leg Drive Sledges
  1. Set up2 cones 5 metres apart - Designated carrier runs from cone to cone executing 180 turns for 3 lengths. Players at either cone try to rip/Slash the ball during the turn. Working Change of direction and acceleration while focussing on ball retention.
  2. Set up cones as in Diagram.., RB places hand in centre of cones in 3 point stance. Hand stays in contact with ground as the player traverse's each section- 2 Foot strikes in each section. Coach shout swith RB switches hand continues. Progression is coach calling Gap and the RB accelerates immediately.
  3. 5 metre square.- In Pairs one player assumes comfortable running position, second player holds on to belt and offers resistance. on whistle player accelerates pulling his weight behind at the 5 m point releases. Working on YAC, acceleration, power and balance.

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