Rugby Drill Demonstration


This could be used as an intoduction to tackling.

In pairs, one pupil stand on a tackle bag, one pupil stands behind a cone. On a whistle blow, pupils without the tackle shield run up to their partners and perform a tackle. However, they do not tackle them to the ground. They are simply practising the technique of getting low, putting the head in the correct position and hooking the front leg.

Coaching points

Tackle shield holders -

Strong stance.

One foot in front of the other holding the bag against their body.

Be prepared for impact off the other player.

Tacklers -

Look up at the tackle shield.

Maintain a low centre of gravity keeping strong with knees slightly bent and arms ready to grasp the opponent.

Target the middle of the shield.

Head either side of the shield, emphasis on the head not going straight into the bag.

Hooking the front leg and a slight drive backwards.

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