Rugby Drill Demonstration


Players work in 3 groups of 5-6 players in a 10m X 22m channel. Group A and B line up facing each other approximately 10m apart with individual players approximately 5m apart. Each player in group A has a ball. The 1st player of group C jogs down between groups A and B recieving passes from the A players and passin them to the B players. With the the balls now with the B players the next player in group C makes a pass from group B to A. The frequency with which the players in group C run depends on the player's passing skills.


  1. Spread out the players in groups A and B if the players need more time.
  2. Stand these players closer together if the players need less time.
  3. Have 2 group C players run at the same time.    

Coaching points

  • Ball in both hands
  • Pass in front of the reciever
  • Reach to recieve the pass
  • Pass the ball immediately

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