Rugby Drill Demonstration


Great for sevens, but also passing and decision making.

Set up a rectangular grid about 25-30 Meters wide and 10-15meters deep. Players start spread along the width on one side.

Ball starting on one end, players pass down the line, never leaving the grid and always facing the opposite line.

When the ball gets to end of the the line on one side, the line should now be set to to support passing the other direction. For that to happen players must quickly retreat after they make there pass to prepare to receive when the pass changes direction.

This is a constant flow passing drill as the ball should work from one side to the other and back emphasizing working to get in a position of support, quick passing skills, and FITNESS!  

Coaching points

1) Players runnning straight to maintain spacing

2) Receiving player bursting on to the pass 

3) Good square body position as they back peddlle/retreat after they make their pass

4) As always, hands out front and calling for the ball

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