Rugby Drill Demonstration


While waiting to start: Circle, drill of passing one ball into are while passing one from player to player (can demonstrate)

Tour: TWO lines, same as usual, but players call "ball left" or "ball right" as we run. last person sprints ball back to front of line
Return, stand on a flat line for dynamic stretches
High knees
Butt kicks
Toy Soldiers
Open gate/close gate
forward lunges
alt side lunges
sprint to line/jog back together x2

Find player of similar size, locking stretch (will demonstrate)


Hold scrummage position for 2 minutes (will demonstrate again)
1 minute of scrummage position while alternating hands on hips


1. Two lines, facing one another
Players run at one another
First, one player places ball down on ground about 2/3 from middle. other player must drop and recover ball smoothly, at speed.
Becomes a pop-pass line. Basics of this will be key for regular/symapthetic pass
Pass ball at middle, ez pz

2. Players stand in two lines, one staggered from the other (the players in the lines are not directly next to one another
All players face the same direction.
A ball is passed between the lines, from front to back
The ball starts on the front of the first player's hip. He has one hand on the front of the ball with his fingers pointing down, elbow out
To pass, the player rotates the ball on his hip, so that he can push the ball with that one hand towards the player behind him to the side
The pass should consist of that one hand pushing, and neither the ball nor the hand/arm fall below the waist

This evolves to putting a guiding hand on the ball
Still start with one hand on, then rotate
Still both hands pointing down, one hand will be on the side of the ball away from the body, the other will be on the side next to the body

At the and of the lines, everyone turns around at the call of the last player, and repeat
(I will of course demonstrate more specifically in person)

3. Will be same idea, but players line up flat in 4 lines.
First player steps out a few steps, second player out a step or two less, third player barely out, last player stays
Do same as second part of first drill
Players simply cycle to back of a DIFFERENT line, rinse and repeat

4. Same as above, but do so in motion. 50% and increasing
Now two lines, one down the line, then back down the line

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