Rugby Drill Demonstration


Improving Acceleration

Coaching points

1. Mark out 10m, 20m and 30m Lines.

2. Get player to start on belly at starting point. 

3. On whistle bounce to feet and accelerate to blue cones and walk back. 

4. Complete 2 sprints to each mark with walking back to start point. 

5. Make sure they always start on their bellys. 

6. Once complted all 15 sprints get them standing in line with a set of cones. 

7. This time starting in tower of power. 

8. Sprint to first cone, side step and accelerate to sprint to next cone and side step other way and then accelerate to last cone. 

9. Get them to do this 5 times. 



- Increase the amount of sprints to complete. 

- Change the way they start.

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