Rugby Drill Demonstration


Getting the correct technique and weight behind the ball for a grubber kick.

Coaching points

1. Set up 5 different coloured boxes of 5m x 5m.

2. Then get 3-4 tackle cylinders set up evenly spread about about 10m away from the boxes.

3. Then have two boxes 5m away from cylinders with 5 balls in each. 

4. Get your scrum half or any player standing in the box with the balls. 

5. Have your kicker standing inbetween boxes. 

6. The kicker gets passed the ball and you call a colour. The kicker then has to grubber kick the ball to stop within that colour box.

7. Make sure kicker always chases kick. 



- Add in defenders instead of bags that slowly press up. 

- Increase the ammount pressure allowed from defenders.

- Add in support runners for the kicker.

- Allow defenders to turn and compete after the kick has been made. 

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