Rugby Drill Demonstration


Encouraging a pop as tacking tackle to support player.

Coaching points

1. Set up an L shape with 2 players on tackle pads and all other players behind the Red and Green cones. 

2. Give the ball to one of the players at either cone.

3. The player with ball runs up to tackle shield. 

4. They turn and put left shoulder to hit tackle pad first and off-load to the player calling for it running from red cone. 

5. The player who has caught the ball then turns and hits tackle pad with their right shoulder and pops the ball to the person running and calling from the green cone. 

6. Keep going see if they can do it with out droping ball. 



- Complete with a slightly weighted ball or tennis ball to get accuracy. 

- Make the defenders live. 

- Add in the extra line running in diagonally for the second off-load see picture 

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