Rugby Drill Demonstration


Develop Accuracy and strength of pass.

Improves spatial awareness, running lines, communication, decision making, evasion and footwork

Coaching points

Set up a big enough area for the amount of players you have. Within that grid set up four different coloured boxes in the conners. 

1. Players are split into two teams. 

2. Players are allowed to move and pass in any direction they like. 

3. The team with the ball has to try and score in one of the coloured boxes to get a point. 

4. Once scored in a coloured box they have to score in another coloured box before they can score in that box again.

4. When you score that team keeps hold of the ball. It gets turnedover if a knockon or 5 touches occur.

5. Only one player from each team is allowed in the coloured boxes at any one time but only for 10 seconds.

6. Add in stipulations in the ways they move and pass the ball see below for some.




-Walking   -Jogging   -Running 

-Jumping   -Skipping   -Lunging

-TipToes   -Duck Walking 

-Tower of Power   -Squat Jumping 


-Over Head   -From Knees   

-From Toes   -Through Legs

-Round back before pass

-Below Shoulders  


-Add an extra ball   -Reduce or Increase area

-All players have to touch the ball

-Fewer touches for turnover

-Coach decides what colour box 


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