Rugby Drill Demonstration


6 attackers VS & defenders

Scooper scoops the ball and must run direct and through the no gone Zone. The scooper is not allowed to veer outside the boundarises of the no go zone till he passes the 7 metre hats. The defensive lead middle is not permitted to turn and chase till the scooper passes the no go zone. The defensive saver is not allowed in the no go zone and cannot chase the scooper till the scooper passes the no go zone. but the defensive saver may touch the scooper if the scooper comes close enough to be touched by the defensive saver without the defensive saver entering the no go zone.

The defensive wingers and links must get back on side to the score line before they are permitted to move forward and mark up. The half runner must get into the in goal and find an open player to score a touchdown.

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