Rugby Drill Demonstration


Modified Touch Rugby: (10 Min)

*Balls under the posts

*6 Cones on the try line (1,2,3 Points)

*8 Attackers vs 4 Defenders

*Attackers has 2 minutes to score as many points as possible.

*Once touched by defenders, attackers throws ball out, reload and get new one under the posts.

*Teams change after 2 Min

Structured Touch Rugby: (20 Min)

*B.C. puts ball down once touched, nearest 2 team mates to support as hammer & head.

*Defensive team needs to commit a pillar and guard to the ruck.

*Each team gets 3 plays/touches

-Attack the space

-Effective communication

-Hands up, eyes to the ball


-Acceleration into the ball

-Run inners line and evade to overs line to attack the space outside.

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