Rugby Drill Demonstration


This will be a instructional segment with careful consideration on technique and decision making.

Firstly, the coach will introduce the different positions that a defending player can be in while they are competing for the ball at the breakdown. Tall stance, low stance, hands together, etc.

The coach will then explain and demonstrate the different ways to remove the threat. Straight drive, side leg lift, gator roll, etc.

The athletes will then get the chance to perform all of these techniques static, slowly and safely. The coaches will need to observe and correct faulty technique.

Once comfortable, move on to 50% speed by having the jackaler approach the breakdown and assume a position to compete for the ball, at the same time the 'bullet' will quickly assess the position of the jackal and make the appropriate clear out.

Removing the Threat - 30 minsRuck Clear OutRugby Drills Coaching