Rugby Drill Demonstration


-3 defenders vs 5 offenders and an scrum half

-Defenders start on their stomach 5 meters from the "breakdown"

- on first whistle, defenders set the post, scrape, and backline

-on second whistle, scrum half plays the ball and offense passes down the line trying to score behind the defense

-defense uses slide defense to stop them

Coaching points

the defense needs to set up their line off the last cone of the breakdown

important that the post is watching the scrum half for a pick and go

post should be on all fours and ready to hit the scrumhalf

when ball is played out, three defenders should uses the slide defense to cover the attack

first defender should cover the inside of ball carrier looking for the cut back

second or middle defender should watch the outside of the ball carrier and the first reciever 

the last defender should watch the first reciever and second reciever 

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