Rugby Drill Demonstration


  1. The attack start from the centre cones & attacks one of the defensive zones
  2. Attack get 1 chance to score
  3. If the attack score, a touch is made, dropped ball, forward pass etc the attack turns around & immediately attacks the far zone
  4. If the attack score, the defense must run around the centre cones and get back into their defensive zone before the attack starts again.
  5. If the defense get a touch they get a rest by not running around the centre cones
  6. Defenders are not allowed outside their zones
  7. Each team gets 10 attackers

Coaching points

  1. The lines of running must be effective in order to score
  2. Realignemrnt is essential in order to be continuously effective
  3. Condense the defense and outflank or spread/ penetrate

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