Rugby Drill Demonstration


Red: D Blue: O

Set up a narrow channel, with three attackers facing one defender. One attacker picks up the ball and drives into the defender.

The supporting player directly behind him, binds onto the ball carrier (never the ball). He pushes ("rockets") the ball carrier through the defender. The ball and players will eventually go to ground.

A second supporting player picks up the ball and goes round into the next channel, where you repeat the drill.


-Add more defenders in each channel to progress the drill
-Tell additional defenders that they can try to help in the ruck or that they can be ready on the D line - it's up to them and what is the best decision

Coaching points

-If D is struggling to get ball carrier down, supporting O needs to push ball carrier through
-After a certain number of phases, ball carrier can choose to pass to support player
-Support player must be ready to 1. Rocket ball carrier if they are being held up 2. Support ball carrier by rucking once ball is to ground 3. Be ready to receive a pass 

What to look for as an issue:

  1. Supporting players impeding the ball carrier by grabbing onto them, rather than driving them up.

3 v 1 Rocket ball - Supporting in the breakdownRugby Drills Coaching

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