Rugby Drill Demonstration


- 9 passes ball to 10 and begins to loop

-12 runs a hard tight line off 10's outside hip

- 10 passes to a looping 9

-13 runs a hard line off 9's outside hip

-9 goes behind 13 and hits an at pace 11 who has 15 and 14 for support on the outside

Coaching points

- a lot of moving parts but this play relies on the decision making abilities of 9 and 10

-10 has to make the choice based on what he see's in the defense to make the pass to 12 or offload back to 9

-similarly 9 will then have the option to hit the 13, keep it himself, or send it wide to 11

-11 needs to start his sprint as soon as the play starts in order to make it across the field in time as well as hitting the line with extreme pace

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