Rugby Drill Demonstration


1. Lunges

Excaduate the lift of the leading foot before steping forward. Step forward to a comfortable distance to give the body maximum balance

The trailing knee must touch the ground, have a straight back with shoulders back, arms raised to chest height, elbows parallel to the ground. When in the knelt posistion gently twist at the waist from side to side once. Return to standing posistion and take one small step forward to balance, repeat excercise alternating leading leg for 20m

2. Squat & Turn

Facing one way with arms raised to chest height elbows parallel to the ground, legs shoulder with appart perform a deep squat to the lowest posistion. Return to standing posistion then take a small step sideways to balance before turning to the opposite direction repeat excercise for 20m.

3. Hamstring Walks

Place the heel on the ground of the leading foot, toes facing up (comfortable walking distance) make sure the leading leg remains straight .Gently lean forward with both hands hoovering either side of the leading knee (or lower) use a sweeping motion with the arms and hands from high to low moving from rear of the knee to the front. Co ordinate the movement in to a walk with one small step before alternating legs. repeat excercise for 20m.

4. Caioca

face alternate directions for 10m each each way

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