Rugby Drill Demonstration


Players: 8 v 8 ( Attackers split into two group each with a different shirts( Red Ruck & Maul Group & Yelow Colour Passing Group) Mix the players up ( forwaeds with Backline players)

Equipment : Ball

Area: 40m wide, 20m long pitch

Game Notes

1. Play normal rugby rules

2. Resart the game if there is an infringement , turnover or a try is scored

3.An infringement also occurs if one player from a group performs a task that he is not assigned to do

4. Give the attack three attemts before swapping

Coaching Point:

You Should emphasise that these roles are the Responsibilites for certain plays and not for all plays in the game. e.g a center to ruck and prop to act as the passing pivot from a series of plays , but not in the another phase.

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