Rugby Drill Demonstration


This drill is set out with 3 markers 10 meters vertically apart and over 5 meters horizontally apart. There are 3 player required to complete this drill. The first player is the on holding the ball standing at the marker. The second player is going to be the dummy-half who is trailing the player running with the ball. The third player is going to trail both players but much further behind the 2 other players as he/she is going to be the next receiver. The first player who is running with the ball, rucks 10 meters and plays the ball as if he has been "touched" in touch football game. The second player scoops the ball after the first player as rolled the ball. The second player now has the ball and runs a few meters before passing to the third player who is receiving the pass from the second player. Once the third player has caught the ball the first player who rolled the ball in the first ruck becomes the dummy-half and dummy-half become the next receiver. This process is completed for 3 rucks and on the last ruck the receiver just runs to the end. After the 4 rucks have been completed it is going to be done going the opposite direction.

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