Rugby Drill Demonstration



  • Two attackers are on there stomachs staggered. (Red & Blue)
  • The Jackler (Yellow) is on his stomach.
  • Upon "GO" the Blue attacker stands and dives on the ball presenting it back.
  • The yellow player (Jackler) tries to steal the ball and stands strong over the tackled player.
  • Once the Blue player is on his feet the Red player can get up and support him trying to clear the yellow player off the ball.

Coaching points

  • This drill is to get the Jackler to stand strong and take a hit while also allowing the Support player to try and clear a strong positioned jackler off the ball.
  • Do not worry so much about the ball being stolen, It is there for the jacler to get hands on and get a good stance.
  • If you find the Support player is arriving too early before the jackler is set get him to lay on his back and flip over and stand up to delay a second more.

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