Rugby Drill Demonstration


Practice Description
All seven players (one tackler and six attackers) inside 5m x 5m grid. All players on knees.
Ball carriers to each have a ball to emphasise handling skills in the tackle.
Ball carriers try to evade tackler (staying on knees). Tackler attempts to make as many tacklers as
possible in 30 seconds. Once tackled, ball carriers present the ball and then get back to knees.

Coaching points

Ensure tackles are made at waist height or below to replicate mini rugby law variations
Ensure players have an equal opportunity to tackle and be tackled. Ensure players are aware of the
definition of a tackle _ Law 15. A tackle occurs when the ball carrier is held by one or more
opponents and is brought to ground. A ball carrier who is not held is not a tackled player and a
tackle has not taken place. Opposition players who hold the ball carrier and bring that player to
ground, and who also go to ground, are known as tacklers. Opposition players who hold the ball
carrier and do not go to ground are not tacklers.

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