Rugby Drill Demonstration


The TTT is based on a running forwards game.

Ball is kicked off to Able Pods side.

The spin the ball left before any contact occurs to Baker Pods side through the hands of the No 8 and 9 (and the no 10 if required on wet or windy days)

and Baker Pod make First contact in Phase 1 area.

Then phase 2 is set by Cain Pod and phase 3 set by Able Pod.

the ball is then redistributed back to left where Baker set phase 4.

Then the backs play there set move and the game plan is repeated.



Coaching points

This game plan requires good ball handling skills and support of the ball carrier.

It splits the field into three zones so the forwards aren't chasing the ball and work there zones making it less energy draining and it moves the opposition players around the field more hopefully wearing them out faster.

The loose forwards have to be very fit and make the break downs.

This is a 3-1-3-backs game plan.

this has been trialed last year but may need refining through out this season.

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