Rugby Drill Demonstration


The field lateraily profiled in line with set play.

Coaching points

Red zone is our danger area:

Principles of attack (POA)

Line out/Scrum: stable, solid set piece. Safe delivery to the half back to either kick for touch or distribute to kicker to kick for touch.

Principles of defence (POD)

Scrum: pressure opposition scrum

Lineout: pressure opposition Lineout. 5-10 metres from our own line, oppositions use of the rolling maul is likely, no contesting the jump and setting for the counter maulling is priorty.

Amber Zone is our building zone:


Execution of game plan within this area from set play using options.

Line outs:

Short line outs first option.

Full lineouts: OT ball off the back or hold and drive as 3rd option.


promote side from which play will be launched. Backs as first option

Kick Start:

Deep Kick as first option, high kick with intention of regaining possession as a variety.

Green Zone is our STRIKING ZONE


Line out: Within 5 meters, catch and drive. Outside 5 meters: quick ball of the top using a variety of catching options.

Scrum: using options near the scrum to score or draw in defense.

Kick: only if there is a >50% opportunity.


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