Rugby Drill Demonstration


Warm-up game for U6s upwards; exercises body through a full range of motions, and also teaches children about the wider rugby world.

Coaching points

Set up a large grid, 25x25m, using randomly placed blue, green, red and white cones.

Players work in pairs staying within the grid at all times; one ball required per pair.

Ball-carrier (yellow) moves around the grid in any direction, avoiding all other players.

Partner (white) follows BC as closely as possible.

When coach calls "PASS", BC turns and gives ball to partner, who then sets off with original BC now following.

When coach calls "TRY", BC places ball on the ground to 'score'; partner picks up and becomes new BC.

When coach calls "TACKLE", both players go to ground on their front. BC places ball for partner then to pick up and continue as before.

When coach calls out a colour, BC has to run to a cone of that colour, partner must follow BC. Last pair to arrive gets a small forfeit.

After a while, introduce the colours as representing shirt colours of the 6 Nations - Red = Wales, Blue = Sco/Fra/Ita etc. Now, the coach calls out a country and the players have to run to the correct colour.

You can add in yellow and black cones for a variation at World Cup time!

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