Rugby Drill Demonstration


Pursuit and evasion game suitable for age grades U6 and upwards

Coaching points

Split squad into pairs and line them up back-to-back with their partner.

Name one team Rats (reds in diagram) and the other Rabbits (blues).

When the coach calls out "RABBITS", the Rabbits have to sprint forward and try and reach the line of cones ahead of them.

At the same time, the Rats have to turn and chase, attempting to TAG/tackle the rabbit before he reaches the line.

Alternate calling RATS or RABBITS until each player has had 5 turns each of pursuit and evasion.

For each runner who reaches the try-line, their team scores 1 point. For each one who gets caught, take a point away.

Progression: to make it harder for the evading players, start them off facing their partner, about 2m apart; on the coach's call, they have to get past their team mate to reach the line.

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