Rugby Drill Demonstration


During this drill I would have set up a large area of the pitch with cones around the outside. I will ask for three participants to stand out in the middle behind eachother with a gap of about 8 meters. Then three other participants who are not defending will take part in the drill. They will stand in a line next to eachother. The role of the person with the ball is to draw the defender towards them so thier teammates on the outside have more space, once the defender has started to go towards the ball carry they will softly off load the ball to the second person who will then pop it off the the third person. Now his job changes to the first person so he has to draw the defender in and do the same principles of offloading the ball. This will happen again. The athletes will carry out this simple hanlding and passing drill until they are confident and happy that they know what they are doing.

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