Rugby Drill Demonstration


Simple Attack Vrs. Defence Setup.

Ideal drill would be for the attack to win (as they have a numerical advantage.)

Attack (marked in red) Objective:

  1. Scrum Half must get ball to 1st receiver
  2. 1st receiver must then decide which of his options to take

Attacking Options are as follows:

  1. Judging by the way defence has marked attack in this diagram, option 1 would be a straight pass to "Coffee".
  2. Go through the hands (1st receiver to Tea, to Coffee), 1st receiver must draw A. Tea must draw B to put Coffee away.
  3. If defender 'B' drifts over to mark the Coffee attaker, then a hole opens for attacker Tea to take to ball through.


Defensive duties are as follows:

  • The pillar stays where he is until the ball has left the ruck. He is there to mark the man (in this case an imaginary attacker)
  • The A defender will mark the scrum half, until the ball is gone to the 1st receiver. He will then turn attention to marking 1st receiver.
  • Likewise with B, will mark 1st receiver until ball is gone, like his inside man !, he will then shift his attention across '1 man' to mark the Tea attacker.


Coaching points

  • Defence should never allow the 1st receiver or Tea to run through them. If defence are to be beaten, they are to be beaten on the outside (This is a defensive system rule - this sometimes happens)
  • Tea must be deeper than coffee that allows for the skip pass option.
  • Ask players to hold depth & keep concentration. 
  • Attackers must focus on holding defenders, and accurate passing
  • Defenders must concentrate on communication & co-ordination.

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