Rugby Drill Demonstration


- Objective of the game is to collect the most flags (balls) in your designated base as possible. Once balls have been taken from the middle of the pitch, they can be stolen from oppo area.

-Players own half is their safe zone, they cannot be tackled in here

- If player is in possession of the ball in opposition half, they can be touched/tackled. If this happens, they must surrender ball and go to opposition jail (red area). they must wait to be freed by a team mate.

- Players cannot be tackled in team bases, only in open field in oppo half

Coaching points

- Emphasis of the game is fun, a silly game that reminds players of games at TAG rugby and school

- Within the game, players can work on elements such as

   - speed

   - footwork 

   - evasion skills

   - special awareness 

   - pull down tackle or grab and hold ( depending on age group and capabilities )

   - teamwork 

   - running with the ball in 2 hands


Progressions can include allowing the players to pass/ kick the balls between team mates, encouraging teamwork, finding space, support player, communication

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