Rugby Drill Demonstration


Team in possession sets up a 3 man lineout. 2 opposition players lineup also but do not try and win the ball. Team in possession sets an offensive line up, and when the lines are ready the hooker throws the ball in. The team in possession must come up with three different calls depending on who the ball is going to, and must also then decide whether to push the ball back to the scrum half and set up an attack, or hold the ball in the line, set up a maul and try to drive the opposition line out back.

Coaching points

  • The hooker must throw the ball straight down the centre of the lineout so the forwards need to be alert and ready to win it.
  • Clear organisation and communication between players to determine who the ball goes to and what they do with it.
  • The backs must always be ready and in an offensive line as the ball can be fed out at any time.
  • The scrum half must be very aware and in control ready to guide the maul or distribute the ball.
  • If the forwards can catch and set up a ruck they must turn their back to present the ball and the other forwards bind on and drive forwards.
  • The scrum half must decide if the maul is moving forwards making up ground and from that choose when to release the ball. 'Move it or lose it'.


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